Greetings and Happy Holidays, Singers,

Thank you for checking out the Caroling website.  Our first Community Wide Christmas Caroling in the Park is approaching and here’s information about the upcoming event.  I have 100 caroling books and will be happy to drop some for your group.  There will be battery candles for all singers.

Will there be a rehearsal?  There will be one rehearsal – on Thursday evening December 12 with the location to be announced. (after we know the number of singers.)

Where will we sing?  We will sing in the gazebo, on the steps circling it and on the flat area in front.  There will be chairs for those unable to stand for that long.

What to wear?  Dark pants or skirts with red, green or white tops – comfortable not fancy.

What if it rains?  We cross that when the time comes.

If you are a director or an individual, please email me with the number of book(s) you need.    Email