Michelle Lambert

Michelle Lambert  is an American singer-songwriter and musician, born in Covelo, CA and raised in the Bay Area. After a long career as a professional musician, she released her debut album Warrior in 2015. One of Lambert’s highlights was the halftime performance at the NCAA finals in 2014 in front of 18000 people at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN.  On January 9, 2015 she made the front page of the Reporter Herald in an article about her Official Music Video Warrior that spotlights high school football players during a game.

She launched her first official album “Warrior” in 2015 after moving to Los Angeles. That album was a turning point in her career, the moment where she decided to pursue being a solo artist. Warrior has the collaboration of Grammy Winners Shannon Sanders (president of the Nashville Grammy Chapter) and Billy Hume. It also features three time Grammy Nominee Kief Brown as a co- author of ” Rain on You” and singing a verse in “I’m Just a Girl”. In January 2016 she was elected to be the female face of SkyHigh Radio in the UK.   In February 2016 she gave a long interview to the Sound Profile Magazine,  where she explains in detail how important women empowerment (that’s a recurrent theme in her songs) is for her. 

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