The Curt Towne Band

Jacksonville native Curt Towne had a dream of starting his own band As a guitarist taking the stage with numerous well-known musicians, he had the knowledge and experience to successfully hand pick the artists who would become his fellow band members. In the span of 18 short months, the dream became a reality. Upon hearing the original, raw sound of their music, people become instant fans. Southern Rock icon Johnny VanZant had these words to say about The Curt Towne Band:

“My name is Johnny VanZant. I’m the lead singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd and I want to say a few words about my friend, Curt Towne. First and foremost, he is a great family man who loves his family and the Lord above. He is one of the best players to come out of Jacksonville in a long, long time. He came to me right at the end of 2013 and said he was going to start a band. I knew he was very serious about this, just needed to find the right musicians and right players. Right after the first of the year, he told me he had found them. I was very interested in seeing how it was going to go. Well, much to my surprise, he came over to my house and we listened to some of his songs. I was very impressed. So much so that I offered for him and his band to come on the Simple Man Cruise. They are old school, just like I am. Rock and Roll at its best. Here’s to The Curt Towne Band. Keep rocking, brothers! ”
— Johnny VanZant

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